Hi everyone.  Glad to see you found your way here.  Welcome!

This blog is primarily for those involved in music at All Souls Langham Place but anyone is welcome to join us.  This place exists because, while I’d love to have these discussions with you in my living room, lack of time, lack of space, and the sheer number of us prohibits our regularly getting together at the same time and in the same place.

So please consider this a living/sitting room where we can discuss theology and music – among other things.  Please join the conversation.

Disclaimer: Part of our regular discussion will focus on music.  Without us all having heard the piece in question it would be rather difficult to talk about.  Therefore I will post songs for us to listen to and learn from.  I don’t own copyright for any of these songs.  Please consider buying what you hear and enjoy.  And if you are the copyright holder for anything found here, I will gladly remove the song at your request.

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1 Response to Welcome

  1. Jon Bergdahl says:

    Hey Paul,

    Great idea about this blog and I’ve really enjoyed reading these contributions.

    Dude, I was thinking, why don’t we have a quarterly ‘inter-church’ mass jam with like St Helens Bishopsgate, HTB, & St Pauls Hammersmith musos….

    I reckon we could ALL learn so much from each other about how to make worship as glorifying to Jesus as can be whilst being as professional as poss too..

    Perhaps we could have workshops where we’re challenged to write a worship song in groups, be that from fresh or a song idea / a number of ideas put together that can be used.

    How dat sound??

    Love Jon B

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