New Song Friday – a day late.

So yesterday was a rather exciting day.  Seemingly all over the western world, people only had one thing to talk about: headwear.  Specifically, the headwear worn by attendees of the royal wedding.  I’ll leave it to much more qualified people to carry on that discussion.

I watched part of the wedding ceremony in Wales en route from a short holiday at the Hookses on the Pembrokshire coast.  Once we got home, guests arrived and I forgot to update the blog.  If you were waiting all day, apologies.

This week’s post is a great old song by Otis Redding, “You Don’t Miss Your Water”.  In case you’re not familiar with that name, he was the writer and singer of “Sittin’ on the Dock of the Bay”.  I’ve had his music in mind since the last band rehearsal when we were looking at the Getty song, “See What a Morning”.  That song is in 12/8 and is usually done with a Celtic feel (it IS a Getty song after all).  I was trying to come up with some sort of different rhythmic feel for the song and thought about an R&B ballad.  Naturally, Otis came to mind.  Unfortunately, Otis did not come to anyone else’s mind and I was having a hard time explaining what I was looking for.  Thus, this post.

“See What a Morning” couldn’t be done quite this slowly but I think it would sit nicely in this type of a groove.  I’m not entirely sure how Otis would sound on a Getty tune but he had a way of claiming every song he sang as his own.  Sit back and enjoy – this is one of the greats!

You Don’t Miss Your Water

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