New Song Friday – The Words in Red

Hello again.  This week’s post is a recent song by American folk/blues/rock/punk artist Peter Case.  Case has been one of my favourites for 20 years or so and I first came across his music as I was beginning to play guitar.  I am deeply in his debt.  I’ve met him once, seen him play twice and spent MANY hours listening to his songs and learning some of them.

Over the years Case has always included songs of faith in the midst of his records.  His life has not been an easy one attested to by two broken marriages and recent life-threatening illness.  On top of these obvious struggles, his songs allude to character traits, flaws and failings that suggest he has not moved through life easily, floating above it’s hurt and despair.  But that’s where faith comes in, right?  He often seems to be a man in search of redemption and his music gives me hope that he knows where it can be found.

This is a song off of his 2010 record, Wig! and it certainly isn’t his strongest song to date.  He, at his best, is a wordsmith, crafting poignent songs and stories out of the vernacular and portraying people that we might meet on any given day.  With this song and it’s rather obvious rhymes, we don’t hear a man who has lost his art but rather a man who has something he needs to say.  Truthfully, it’s a bit of a rant.

Have a listen and let me know what you think.  Do you agree?  Is he being a little judgmental?  Or…?

The Words In Red
Have a great Bank Holiday weekend!

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