New Song Friday

Another fine and sunny day in London with the temperature moving well past 20 degrees.  The only strange thing is that the clouds are moving west.  They never go west; always east.  Odd.

Today’s song is “World Sick” by Broken Social Scene.  The album, Forgiveness Rock Record, came out a little over a year ago and Louanne and I went to see them on that tour.  This album made up a huge part of my soundtrack last summer and I was reminded why as I put it on my ipod for my “commute” this week.  The songs have LOTS of energy, some of them are anthemic in scope, and often a single instrument can be singled out as the reason a song hangs together or has the momentum it does.  I like the idea of a single instrument being able to take a good, or even average, song and bring it to the realm of the extraordinary.  On this song, the guitars are the deal: the main riffs, the descending line in the chorus, the power chords; all are integral to making this song a great one.

I hope you enjoy a little Canadian indie rock for the weekend (despite the one or two objectionable words).

World Sick

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