New Song Friday – Radiant Lamb

Sorry to be a little late this week but we’ve been having internet issues for the last while.  So I better make this quick before I get thrown back to the mid-90s.

This week’s song is rather different than what I usually post here.  It’s a choral piece performed by my college choir: Columbia Bible College Concert Choir back in 1999, if I remember correctly.  The reason for this post this week is threefold.

Reason 1 – I’ve been attending a number of year end recital exams by music college students over the last few weeks.  This means I’ve been listening to lots of “classical” music and, while this piece may not fall exactly into that category, it is certainly more towards that side of the spectrum than most of what I post.

Reason 2 – I’ve been doing LOTS of talks these days and this song ties together a talk I did a few days ago (Isaiah 9:1-7) and one that’s coming up on Sunday (Revelation 4&5).  Ultimate themes of the redemption of the whole of creation.

Reason 3 – I’ve found that to regularly remind myself where everything is headed is a good important necessary thing.  I need to remember the future; not only to shape my life here and now but for it’s own sake: all things will be as they ought to be.

Enjoy the song and have a good weekend.


Radiant Lamb

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