Still Advent

It’s getting closer.  And even the most Liturgical among us are starting to move into Christmas.  But it’s still Advent.

I wanted to add one more Advent-themed post, this time in the form of a song I wrote last year.  Unfortunately I haven’t had opportunity to record it yet but I’m hoping that the lyrics, even out of their musical context, will provide something worthy of reflecting upon as we watch and wait.


Waiting Again – Paul Enns

Yeah, we’re waiting again as we sing our songs of joy

We’re waiting again as we celebrate this boy

Waiting for wolves to lie down with lambs

For crooked roads to be made straight

Mountains razed down and valleys raised up

Goodness and love to cast out fear and hate

We’re waiting again just like all the years before

We’re waiting again hoping for a little more

More of what the angels sang

When they proclaimed this birth

More goodwill to all, more favour of God

More peace on earth

Peace with God and peace with Man

What that all means I just don’t understand

How can a baby boy be all that the angels sing

Unless he grew up and changed everything.


So we’re waiting again as we’re looking for that Day

We’re waiting again – we’re told it’s on its way

And it seems it’s been such a long, long time

We get tired and we get bored

But then the lightening flashes and we catch a glimpse

Of just how great is the Lord

So we pray for peace and we pray that Light

Might dispel the darkness of the night

And we work for justice and we speak Good News

And we give what we have for others to use

We forgive their sin and repent of our own

We give thanks for mercy wherever it is shown

We rejoice with the laughing, and we mourn with the weeping

And through it all we pray for faith to keep believing…

…while we’re waiting again…

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