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The Pilgrim’s Pod Radio Hour

Howdy friends. It’s been a while. Actually, it’s been a really long time. But I plan to remedy that soon. But for any who’ve been waiting for something, anything, to be posted here, here is a project I’m working on … Continue reading

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Kelly Joe Phelps – Return and Progress

I know that for some of you reading this, the name Kelly Joe Phelps will be completely unfamiliar. That is a personal failing on my part. I’ve played his music for many of you but probably not all. I apologise. … Continue reading

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Soul Mining by Daniel Lanois

Hello again.  A few weeks ago, Daniel Lanois was inducted into the Canadian Music Industry Hall of Fame.  The CBC commemorated the event with a series of web broadcasts of Lanois being interviewed by Rich Terfry (broadcaster, recording artist, and … Continue reading

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Still Advent

It’s getting closer.  And even the most Liturgical among us are starting to move into Christmas.  But it’s still Advent. I wanted to add one more Advent-themed post, this time in the form of a song I wrote last year.  … Continue reading

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Perfectly in Tune: Value Added?

I’m sitting in my office on a cold, bright morning listening to the GREAT new Joe Henry record, “Reverie”. A new Joe Henry record, actually any Joe Henry record, makes for very good listening but a new one is always … Continue reading

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Legends of Gospel Music

Hello again everyone. Well it’s been quite a week at All Souls.  Most notable, of course, was the funeral service of John Stott.  Parts of the service were recorded and they will be well worth a listen.  The welcome, songs, … Continue reading

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New Song(s) Friday… and more obsessing about Rhythm.

Hello again.  Well, it’s been a while since you’ve heard from me and you may all be desperate for a new song or two.  Hopefully you will not be disappointed by today’s offerings. Over the last number of weeks I’ve … Continue reading

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